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Who We Are

Anthony Metzger, founder of Financial Bedrock, and his partners, specialize in multifamily, real estate, syndications.

As sponsors, we raise capital from private investors. We put that capital to work by purchasing value-add, cash flowing, multifamily assets.

 Financial Bedrocks vision and mission is grand. We believe that increasing the wealth of our investors allows them more freedom with their time. When people are financially free, they have a more meaningful impact on the world. Whether that means spending more time with their family, volunteering, or pursuing their dreams. The way we see it, the more people we help, the more people they can help.

The work we do also has a great impact on the communities we do business in. We buy multi-million-dollar apartment buildings. As part of our “forced appreciation” (value-add) strategy, we inject hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars into our projects. This has two positive impacts. One being it creates jobs and two it increases the living conditions of our residents.

Integrity is at the heart of who we are. We are just getting started and are beyond excited to continue growing our investors wealth, having a positive impact on communities, and increasing the living standards of our residents.

My Name is Anthony Metzger, I was born and raised in the great state of Minnesota. After high school, at the age of 18, I flew off to France to become a sommelier, that’s right, I love wine! In fact, I spent my entire 20’s in the wine industry. I worked as a sommelier, a traveling winemaker (someone who travels to different countries during harvest season to make wine) and I filmed wine documentaries. I went to South Africa for 5 weeks to host and film a documentary called “South Africa Wine Documentary – The Pink Grape” on YouTube. You can watch the documentary below.

After my wine adventures, near the end of my 20’s, I decided I wanted to get into the real-estate world, quite a different path, I know. One day, my brother Frederic introduced me to an apartment syndication investing podcast. After listening to the podcast, I decided that I wanted to become a syndicator. Moving forward, I found a private equity firm that was actively syndicating deals. I reached out and asked how I could add value to them. Their answer was to find them an apartment building to buy that meets their investment criteria. Next, I got educated on how to underwrite multi-family deals. I spent the next year and a half calling brokers, sourcing deals, underwriting deals, and making offers. After about 18 months of searching, a deal came across my inbox from a broker. Sure enough, after underwriting the deal, working with property management companies, and doing my due diligence, the deal met all of the private equity firm’s investment criteria. Once I was confident in the deal, I presented the deal to the firm and sure enough they accepted it and closed on it with me. This was my first real-estate deal, a 218-unit apartment complex! Since then I have closed on another deal and am actively looking to syndicate another big deal.


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My Top 4 Reasons For Investing In Multifamily Real Estate

Financial Bedrock invests in apartment communities because with our current tax laws, investing in U.S. based multifamily real estate syndications, is the BEST passive investment on the planet.

Amazing benefits of investing in multifamily real estate include:


Below-Average Risk

When properly underwritten and with an experianced team of opperators, a cash flowing apartment building can weather almost any storm. Apartment buildings are known for having done exceptionally well during the 2008 great recession.


Extraordinary Tax Benefits

One of many exceptional tax benefits include, Bonus Depreciation. This greatly reduces and, most often, eliminates taxes due on any gains. Another very popular tax benifit is called a “1031 Exchange”. It allows us to defer taxes on any gains when we sell a property.


Hedge Against Inflation

With inflation expected to increase, so will the value of our properties. This is how it works: inflation rate is 2%, rent escalator is 2%, and expense escalator is 2%. The result is our NOI increases 2%. The value of an apartment building is based on the NOI. When inflation increases so does our NOI and therfroe our properties value.


Cash Flow

Cash flow to a business is as important as oxygen is to life. In the apartment business, there is fresh cash flowing into the business account every month via rental income.

With an above average return of 10%, apartment buildings generate cash flow. Cash flow distributions, to our investors quarterly, creates true passive income that leads to financial freedom.

Advisors & Partners

Matt Brawner

Matt Brawner

Partner and Advisor

Matt and his partners have achieved considerable success turning their $5,000 investments into a portfolio worth more than $20M, but his greatest passion is teaching. Today, Matt and his wife live in Minneapolis with their three kids. They are active in their church and enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer. Real Estate has given Matt and his family the gift of being planted and he wants to help you do the same.

Drew Whitson

Drew Whitson

Partner and Advisor

Drew began his real estate career working for a boutique investment banking firm in St. Paul, Minnesota which specialized in the syndication of public and private limited partnership real estate funds focusing on net-leased single-tenant properties.  Drew began investing in real estate by purchasing single family homes in his home town of St. Paul, Minnesota and later expanded to apartment syndication.  Drew has expanded his portfolio to over 2,700 units by acquiring muti-family properties in Minnesota, Seattle, Little Rock, Atlanta and Memphis markets.  In addition to being an full time real estate investor, syndicator, and coach, as of 2018 he is a Professor of Finance at Bethel University in St. Paul and lives with his wife and four children in Mahtomedi, Minnesota.

Andrew Kniffin

Andrew Kniffin

Partner and Advisor

As President of Nighthawk, Drew Kniffin manages all aspects of our portfolio, including acquisitions, asset management and capital raising.

Before joining Nighthawk, he owned 400 residential units himself. Andrew has a corporate finance and real estate investing career that spans a decade. After finishing graduate school (JD/MBA), Andrew was an investment banker providing corporate valuation analysis.

How It Works

Financial Bedrock uses our strict investment criteria to filter and source ideal properties in the multifamily market. These properties will be presented to you with information that will allow you to carefully evaluate the opportunity in line with your investment parameters and goals.

The steps you should take are simple, as follows:

Complete and submit the online investor form to become part of our investor community.

Receive privileged information on all our latest investment opportunities.

Schedule a call with one of our investment team to discuss your objectives and answer all of your questions.


Complete the paperwork and become a passive investor in one of our multifamily properties.

Relax and enjoy receiving regular reports and profit distributions.

Ready To Invest

Join our family of investors and start enjoying regular passive income and exceptional tax benefits on your way to building generational wealth.

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Financial Bedrock

A private equity firm that specializes in raising capital from private investors and investing that capital into cash flowing, multifamily, real estate assets. 

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